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Oh, that's right
It's been so many years
Hair so white
Bedshaped in all your fears
And all the noises that you heard
Will fade away before your eyes

Oh, good night
To the things I hate
Now my life
Revolves around this game

I never cared there's work to do
But still scared of the thunder
I never cared to win or lose
In that never ending summer

Small is what
Aim to be
Because you’d
Never take me this
Lie through your teeth
Are we?

Who's right
I'm right
You're right
That’s right
Deep in a drowning pit of lies
Never appreciate the time

(I've never felt myself alive) 

You told me I'd always be your boy (now I'm on my own) 
But that notion was destroyed
When I left behind my toys

I’ll never be this young again
(I made friends with the character I play) 
Until I live the bitter end

(Won’t someone tell me I’m ok)
Think it's time to pretend
I am small

Feel my face
Is it smooth?
Don't grow up
I told you not to

Broke from change
From this
Dumb choice I made

Well at least I know what these thoughts are for
The lights are off you're not coming home
I found security on my own
The haunting ends I'm all alone

So small

So small

Down not out I don't know where I came from, don't know my place when I'm with you (repeated)

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